ICT Solution for Medium & Large Enterprise

Our Program during Covid-19 Pandemic

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The Delivery of the
Right Information, to the Right Person, at the Right Time
to empower business decisions and activities.

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Solution for each Business

Hospitality Management

Ensure on-time hotel opening and improve guest satisfaction through synergy between technology and services in the hotel.

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Golf Course Management

Provide seamless and high quality experience for club members and guest players through technology driven operation: from bag-drop to check-out.

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Human Resource Management

Empower your HR to accurately manage processes from recruitment to retirement and maintain compliance with tax and labor regulations.

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Trading & Distribution

More than just your usual Trading & Distribution solution, SAKTI V9 actually links all business transaction modules to the Inventory database and Accounting system.

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Property & Tenancy

Deliver superior service to your tenants by proper management of contracts and services. Deliver invoices, information, and service report through Tenant Mobile Application.

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Win the customer satisfaction battle by enabling Marketing, Sales, and Service Departments to interact anywhere and provide rapid response.

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IT Service Management

Manage ‘IT’ well and ensure that the life blood of your business does not turn into its biggest nightmare.

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IT Asset Management

Protect your Business Continuity through proper IT Asset Management: from physical servers to virtual machines, from login access to license management.

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Benefit from your business experience by synchronizing Process, Know-how and ERP Technology. Gain complete visibility of Processes and Controls to exceed your revenue expectations.

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Enterprise Asset Management

Increase your Return by lengthening the service life of your capital investment. Achieve your business goals by eliminating unnecessary disruption from equipment malfunction and maintenance downtime.

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Cyber Security Solution

Build a culture of security and use state of the art tools & methods to protect your business interests.

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Solution by Industry

One Solution that help industries to gain their strategy and maximum business potential.
Find the best practice solutions for each industry.

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