Digital Transformation
For Your Property Management

Using an Integrated System to reduce costs and improve service efficiency through better business processes.

Property and Building Management System with ICT One Solution

BIMASAKTI enables you to keep track and monitor every financial aspect of your business. With all financial information at your fingertips, you can make the forecasting with less risk. Processing and printing monthly invoices with Value-Added Tax (VAT) forms can be automatically added using BIMASAKTI and for tax reporting purposes, BIMASAKTI can be linked to e-Faktur PPN.

BIMASAKTI is the ideal application for:


Shopping Center

Shopping Center



Industrial Estate

Industrial Estate



Data Center

Data Center




Landed House

Landed House

BIMASAKTI's Key Features

Building Management can operate more efficiently and effectively by implementing a system. To get optimum efficiency, BIMASAKTI has a complete integrated system that could cater to all Building Management business processes, from Lease & Billing Management to Logistics and Accounting.

Lease Management
  • Pro Rate / Non-Pro Rate
  • Unit Occupancy
  • Payment Scheme
  • Penalty Policy
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Reminder Lease Renewal
Purchasing & Inventory
  • Multi PR in 1 PO
  • System Approval
  • Multi Goods Receipt
  • Stock Control
  • Cost Analysis
  • Link with Work Order
Tenancy Management
  • Service Charge
  • Utility Usage : Electricity, Water, Gas
  • Others Charge
  • Digital Billing
  • Billing Notification
  • Reminder Late Payment
  • Deposit Management
  • Penalty Process
  • Integrated with VA Bank
Customer Service
  • Digital News
  • Notification Ticket from Tenant
  • Process Request and Complaint thru Mobile App
  • Tenant History
  • e-Form*
  • Automatic Journal
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Budget
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Meter Record Utility
    • Integrated with BAS
    • Capture with smartphone
  • Auto Maintenance Notification
  • Auto Assignment Notification
  • Mobile Work Order

This is a Powerful Application

This application can help you achieve 100% tenant satisfaction, provide 100% on-time bill payments, and quickly resolve all tenant issues.

Tenant Apps

Aplikasi ini berguna untuk para tenant dengan memberikan pemberitahuan jatuh tempo penagihan kepada para penyewa, pemberitahuan perpanjangan kontrak, fitur integrasi antara laporan tagihan dan kartu akses, dan juga pembayaran yang bersifat multi-channel.

Bimasakti Dashboard

Dengan adanya Bimasakti Dashboard, anda dapat memanage informasi secara visual dengan cara melacak, menganalisis, dan menampilkan KPI tenant, dan titik data utama untuk memantau kesehatan bisnis.

Engineer Apps

Bimasakti juga menyediakan engineering apps untuk mempermudah para kontraktor untuk berkomunikasi dan memberikan progress pembangunan nya dengan pemilik bangunan.

Payment Getaway

Kami juga menyediakan 3 payment gateaway di aplikasi kami: BCA, BCA & DOKU.

Modul Modul Bimasakti

Accounting & Finance

Leasing Management

Tenancy Management

Customer Service

Preventive Maintenance

Purchasing & Inventory

Mobile Solution : BIMASAKTI TENANT

This application can help you achieve 100% tenant satisfaction, provide 100% on-time bill payments, and quickly resolve all tenant issues.

Multi-Channel Payment Gateway

Billing Due Date Notification


Contract Renewal Notification

Integration between tenant's billing report & access card

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Customer Testimonial

Harco Mangga Dua has given a testimonial about the effectiveness of Bimasakti Property and Tenancy System as their #PropertySystem in streamlining the business operations. The system provides ability to print and distribute invoices to tenants, schedule property maintenance, generate financial reports, follow up on tenant requests and complaints, and keep track of available units within the property.

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