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Rhapsody Logistic System

Rhapsody Logistic System

With Rhapsody purchasing may be categorized according to buying frequency. The Daily Market List is setup to handle perishable supplies that must be replenished daily. Immediately upon input, request from kitchen staff for daily supplies of vegetables, meat and poultry are sent to Purchasing department to be processed. Meanwhile, Regular Order handles periodical purchases such as toiletries, stationeries, and others. Finally, records of purchases are stored in Purchase History, thereby enabling analysis such as purchase frequency and supplier price comparisons.

Rhapsody provides the Receiving departments with tools to optimally handle the receipt, re-distribution and reports of purchased items. Expected Delivery Report provides information prior to arrival of goods, allowing proper allocation of storage space and planning of redistribution. This tool also proactively notifies the staff in case of a delayed delivery. Upon arrival, Receiving Record Form are automatically generated and incorporated into the Daily Receiving Report Summary. Integration of this module with Accounts Payable allows simultaneous database updates.

Rhapsody provides Department Usage Report and Daily Flash Report to department heads and Cost Control to assists forecast as well as management of supply usage. Using this module, departmental overspending can be avoided.


Rhapsody Back Office System

Rhapsody Back Office System

Rhapsody Back Office is a powerful and reliable tool for transfer of operational information into financial modules. Rhapsody Back Office integrates analytical reports into Income Audit, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash & Bank, Fixed Assets, and General Ledger. With Multi Budget utility, the managerial team can compare initial budget with revised budget and budget forecast.

Rhapsody streamlines the process of Income Audit by eliminating manual handling of sales summary and journal preparation. The integration of Room, POS, and Banquet allows Rhapsody to generate Consolidated Daily Revenue Report as well as Sales Analysis by Department.

Rhapsody provides AP Aging Analysis and Payment Schedule to manage payments to hotel suppliers. Moreover, Payment Schedule accommodates approval hierarchy and directly link to Cash & Bank module for immediate payment processing (e.g. cheque printing).

Rhapsody provides Bank Reconciliation and Cash/Bank Daily Activity Report for management of daily cash flow activities. As a benefit example, this eliminates unnecessary wait time for posting of payment received in the form of a Post Dated Cheque. 


Pentingnya Efisiensi dalam Mengelola Budget dan Business Hotel

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