Why SIAP+P is The best HR Solution?

Winning Your Human Resource Management


Leave administrative works to the system and focus on developing strategy for your HR management. Experience seamless process of every HR information, start from employee data, attendance, payroll, until performance management.

  • 90% Time-saving in Payroll Calculation

    Stabilized integration from employee data, attendance, medical, tax, loan. In result, rapid & accurate

  • Adaptive to Government Regulation

    No worry about any government regulation change, we ensure the system follows the latest regulation, such BPJS, PTKP, etc.


Anytime & anywhere


Analyze Attendance & Performance

Get insight of employee discipline by visualizing the attendance conditions and absence reason and trends among your employees. Make a precise decision based on accurate real-time report.

Visualize Workforce Cost

Plan better, decide faster. Provide knowledge of current manpower cost condition (payroll, overtime, medical claim, loan, etc.) and continuously monitor the actual cost

Produce Reports in Faster Way

Anytime you need HR Report (manpower profile, payroll, productivity, tax, BPJS, etc.), fast-generated and accurate reports are always right in your system.


Complex HR transactions consume a lot of time and focus. Otherwise, those complex transactions can reduce you manpower and operational cost if you can handle them with care.
With SIAP+P, you can lower your operational cost by validating overtime automatically. See the calculation below:

Calculation above is only assumption of best practice in industry.

Real calculation may occur differently depending on company’s regulation, locations, and activities.


Boost workforce discipline & productivity by facilitate the managers with Mobile ESS Application with real-time attendance monitoring.

Attendance Anywhere

Facilitates every employee to mark attendance in any allowed areas or location through smartphone.

Real-time Team Presence

Facilitates managers or team leader to monitor their employee’s attendance in real-time. See who’s on-time, who’s late, or even absence, through smartphone.

Attendance Summary

Facilitates managers to understand employee’s discipline through monthly attendance summary.